Free Throw Announce New Full-Length LP, Share Sensational Lead Single “The Corner’s Dilemma”

Time to get stoked Free Throw fans! After making moves with 2017′s breakout LP Bear Your Mind and their 2018 Missing Pieces EP, the Nashville emo outfit has just announced their third full-length album.

Titled as What’s Past Is Prologue, the band’s new 12-track album will officially hit stores March 29th via Triple Crown Records. 

Opening up about the themes behind the new record, vocalist/guitarist Cory Castro said, “This album is very much about me hitting rock bottom from a mental health standpoint and the process I took in building myself back up. With the last record, I was trying to talk about my mental health, but at the time I was actually going through it. The last album felt like I was yelling from the void. This time I’m looking back into the void and I’m able to understand what was going on.” 

Castro went on to add, “This is the first Free Throw record with a happy ending. The album leads to an ending of where the band stands today. We’re all happy to be doing what we’re doing, and it’s kind of the happy moment where we’ve become the band we were always meant to be.”

For your first taste of the band’s sure-to-be-sensational album What’s Past Is Prologue, be sure to check out Free Throw’s infectious lead single “The Corner’s Dilemma” below. Afterward, for pre-orders, head here.