Former Vanna Vocalist Reveals New Rock Project Trove

If you’re like us, you’re probably still pretty bummed about Boston hardcore act Vanna calling it quits last year. Although it might not the heal all the pain of losing Vanna, it might excite you to hear that former frontman Davey Muise recently revealed his newest band Trove.

“Right around the time Vanna felt like it was coming to an end, I hit this point where I was finding myself writing about things from my life that I was too scared or nervous to talk about before or maybe things were suppressed,” explained Muise in a recent Instagram post. “Either way, the floodgates were open and I needed an outlet. I spoke to one of my bests [Jack Stolz], a man who I’ve always wanted to play music with, about writing a record. We agreed we wanted to make music like the grunge, punk and emo rock we grew up on, to not only continue the cycle of influence but to speak up for those dealing with life the way we did, [through] music. 

Muise went on to add, “Teaming up with [Kevin Billingslea] and [Jake Wertman] to record what has become our EP and adding [Anthony Laur] to the mix has been teenage Davey’s musical dream come true … If you dig what you hear then share it with a friend, huddle around some headphones, make a post and spread the love. Just be a part of whatever’s next. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.”

To check out Trove’s new music video for their lead single “Massive” off their recently released EP Hark, be sure to look below. For more from Muise’s new project, head here.