Fit For A King Premiere Emotional Fan-Inspired Single “Oblivion”


Generally, it’s not every day a band decides to write a song about one of their fans – especially when the fan has done some pretty damaging things. However, in the case of metalcore/deathcore act Fit For A King, the Texas outfit took this opportunity to sit down and discuss the idea of forgiveness for their emotional new track “Oblivion.”   

“To put it simply, ‘Oblivion’ is a story about a man’s search for forgiveness,” says frontman Ryan Kirby about his band’s new single. “The lyrics in this track were inspired by a fan (who wishes to remain anonymous), who had done some hurtful things to people he loved. He felt he was beyond forgiving, though he desired it deeply and wanted to make things right. The chorus, ‘Tell me I won’t be forgotten,’ is his cry to God to not abandon him, to give him peace. It’s one of the more emotional songs on the album.”

To check out Fit For A King’s hard-hitting fan-inspired track, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure pre-order the band’s forthcoming album Dark Skies before it hits stores September 14th.