Fame On Fire Debut “Now And Forever” Featuring Our Last Night’s Trevor Wentworth

With just one day to go until they drop their debut LP Levels via Hopeless Records, emerging hard rock outfit Fame On Fire are giving fans one final look at their upcoming release via their heavy new single “Now and Forever.”

Featuring Our Last Night’s Trevor Wentworth, the band’s new track brings a whole new level of aggression not previously heard on songs like “Down” or “Scars Of Love.”

Commenting on the subject matter behind the track, bassist Paul Spirou says, “‘Now and Forever’ was a tough one to write. It’s really about overcoming an abusive relationship. I struggled deeply with this one because I was genuinely in love with this relationship. Going through the same thing year after year just gets tiring, I was done dealing with it.” 

“Unfortunately,” he adds, “it was a lot of wasted time and energy. I should have listened to my friends around me but I learned my lesson the hard way. It’s just so hard to listen to good advice when you feel trapped or stuck in the middle. What I really want people to absorb is just overcoming these feelings and knowing that you’re truly in control of your own life and destiny.”

To check out the hard-hitting song and accompanying music video, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Levels here.