Falling In Reverse Release First New Single of 2014


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we’re gonna be a little honest here: “God If You Are Above” wasn’t quite what we expecting from the Ronnie Radke-fronted act, Falling In Reverse.

Now let us explain. When we first heard that Falling in Reverse had a new single out, we were a little skeptical. After being duped into hearing the rap/rock single “Alone" and then the ultra electro-poppy "Bad Girls Club,” we here didn’t really want to fall into that same trap as before.

Alas, things today are different. “God If You Are Above” is well… great! We love it! Now what’s with the ultimate flip-flopping you ask? Well, because it really sounds like Radke has taken it back to his roots (aka his Escape The Fate days) and we are absolutely giddy about it!

But enough about how we feel about it. We want to know what you think about the track on Twitter! So tweet us @thenoise and fill us in on your thoughts good or bad.

Oh, and also, if you’re a fan of the track like we are, be sure to pick it up on iTunes now!