Everything You Need To Know About the Blink-182 Beef


Not usually one to air other’s dirty laundry, we feel that it is our journalistic duty to report the ongoing feud between Blink-182 members Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker. While it is unfortunate to see these longtime friends and bandmates go through these kind of struggles, we guess it’s just part of the business. 

Now, where do we begin?


As many reported yesterday (including us), the word was that Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio would be replacing DeLonge at Blink’s upcoming Musink show March 22. According to the official statement from both Hoppus and Barker, the band was set to play the upcoming show and start recording a new album. However, due to DeLonge’s disinterest in participating in “any Blink-182 projects indefinetly,” the two were left searching for a replacement - thus, leading those to assume DeLonge was no longer in the band. 


Then, sooner than anyone could have expected, DeLonge took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the matter:

"To all the fans, I never quit the band. I actually was on a phone call about a blink 182 event for New York City at the time all these weird press releases started coming in… Apparently those releases were ‘sanctioned’ from the band. Are we dysfunctional- yes. But, Christ….. #Awkward #BabyBackRibs"


Just before many of us hit the pillow to call it a day, Rolling Stone released an exclusive interview with both Hoppus and Barker.

In the interview, the two stated that Blink had signed a record deal, were discussing who would produce the album and had booked time to enter the studio to record it. However, just as stated prior, DeLonge’s manager informed everyone that none of that would be happening as DeLonge was no longer going to be participating in any Blink-182 projects.

The interview continued with the two current members opening up on how they felt about the situation, even calling DeLonge “disrespectful” and “ungrateful.”

"It’s hard to cover for someone who’s disrespectful and ungrateful," Barker said. ”You don’t even have the balls to call your bandmates and tell them you’re not going to record or do anything Blink-related. You have your manager do it,” he continued.

The interview concluded with Hoppus’ honest thoughts on how he’d like to see Blink continue as a band:   

"I just wish Tom does whatever makes him happy and stops holding Blink-182 back from what we all agree that we’re going to do: play shows, record music, continue this legacy and have a good time doing it."


Again on the defense to what had been said, DeLonge took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter while also giving a little nudge back to his ex-bandmates:  

“A year ago Mark and I spent a week on the phone with managers debating parting with Travis. Don’t pretend there isn’t more to the story.”

The tweet has since been deleted. 


Continuing with the exclusive interviews, Hoppus sat down with Alternative Press to shed more light on Blink’s latest drama.

In the interview, Hoppus was asked about DeLonge’s tweet regarding their previous conversation to replace Barker.

Hoppus quickly cleared the air by clarifying that after a previous tour to Australia - in which Barker did not attend due to his understandable fear of flying - the discussion had come up due to  stress from the Australian promoter threatening to sue. “We got back from tour and Tom was having these calls where he was talking about ‘can we replace Travis, can we do whatever,’ but it was really just Tom blowing off steam,” he said.

The interview progressed with Hoppus being asked about his perfect world situation with DeLonge and how he himself would like things to be right now.

"The thing is we’ve tried to get Tom to engage [in Blink activity], and everything has been a very, very difficult struggle to get anything done with Blink for the last two years," he said. "Everything from getting a label deal done to even playing shows, and trying to get Tom into a studio. We’ve been trying that for the past two years. The ideal situation was two years ago when we said we were going to go into a studio and get working and it never happened. I think those days and that wishful thinking are gone." 


That leads us to now: Tuesday, January 27. After two days of hearing mainly Hoppus and Barker comment on the band’s quarrel, DeLonge has finally decided to come forth to express his full feelings.

In a lengthy yet passionate piece, the Blink co-founder let fans in on his side of the story.

Detailing everything from a planned getaway for the band in Utah, contract insights regarding Angels & Airwaves as well as what it was that finally broke his spirit with the band, DeLonge really put it all out there.

To see the full letter from the distraught frontman, head here


So here we are: We’ve heard both sides of the story and really have no answers on what the future holds for Blink-182.  

Will there ever be a new Blink album? Will Matt Skiba be DeLonge’s permanent replacement? Will the three members ever make up and play music together?

Right now, the outcome seems pretty bleak. And because of that, unfortunately, we’re all left in the dark singing, ”rather than fix the problems, they never solve them, it makes no sense at all.”