Every Time I Die’s New Song “Glitches” May Just Cause You To Smash Everything In Sight


As we all patiently await the release of Every Time I Die’s most-likely hard-hitting album Low Teens, the hardcore unit has just released their second new single “Glitches.” 

Like most Every Time I Die tracks, the new song showcases both the physical and intellectual side of the band with punishing riffs and sensible lyrics. 

“I wrote what would eventually become the lyrics to ‘Glitches‘ after the terrorist attack in Paris when it was revealed to me just how mentally unprepared I was to deal with tragedy of that caliber,” explained frontman Keith Buckley. “All of my training in Transcendental Meditation went out the window. I was scared and uncertain and angry. The system of peace and patience I thought I had established disappeared and what remained was my old ugly self. I learned quickly that nothing can prepare you for an anomaly. For a glitch.”

To check out the new single and start you own one-person mosh pit, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Low Teens can be found here

[via Altpress.com]