Code Orange Share Haunting New Remix “only1(the hard way)”

Continuing to push the envelope and be the absolute best band they can be, metallic hardcore outfit Code Orange have just dropped a bone-chilling remix of their previously released standalone single “Only One Way.” 

Officially titled “only1(the hard way),” Code Orange’s latest is yet another haunting industrial remix done by their multi-talented guitarist Shade.   

“Keeping a unique creative energy in every aspect of Code Orange is something we are always thinking about and it’s what drives me personally,” says Shade. “This song was a great opportunity for me to portray my alternate vision of the song and for us to bridge the gap with other genres and artists we are influenced by. We are constantly evolving and we’re going to keep pushing the boundaries of our band.“ 

To check out Code Orange’s Matrix-styled version of “Only One Way,” be sure to look below. For more from Code Orange, head here.

[via FADER]