Code Orange Remixed Two alt-J Songs Because They’re Code Orange And They Can Do Whatever They Want

Continuing to be the most terrifying band on the planet and doing whatever the hell they want to do, hardcore outfit Code Orange have just released two remixes of alt-J songs. But why you ask, well, because they’re fucking Code Orange and they do whatever they want, that’s why.

Taking two perfectly fine alt-J songs (”Hit Me Like That Snare” and “Adeline”) and injecting them with a dark and grimy almost metallic vibe, Code Orange guitarist Shade said his inspiration behind the remixes was to pretty much change up both songs entirely – again, because they’re fucking Code Orange and they do whatever they want.  

“I wanted to dismantle the songs entirely and completely rebuild them as if they had come from a different world, and that’s what I did,” says Shade. “See the world with Code Orange vision. No boxes, no boundaries, no fear.“

As for what alt-J had to say about the remixes (maybe trembling in fear, maybe not), the band posted to Facebook saying “We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”

Well, there you have it. Code Orange can keep doing whatever they want because they are terrifyingly terrific and they release amazing music. To check out their two impressive remixes, see below.