Bring Me The Horizon Debut Oli Sykes-Directed Video For “In The Dark” Starring Forest Whitaker

For the first time in his band’s 15 year career, Oli Sykes has taken the helm as lead director for a new Bring Me The Horizon music video.

Showing off his visual chops for the band’s new “In The Dark” video, Sykes had the luxury of working with award-winning actor and BMTH supporter, Forest Whitaker.

Explaining the concept for the new video, Skyes said, “Basically, Forest is the protagonist and a lot of people are counting on him to be able to recall these memories and process them. The spectrum of his emotions is impacting on all of these different experiments. I wanted it to have a message for what’s going on in the world right now. It’s a mirror to how we don’t want to face up to things. A lot of people are refusing to accept what’s happening because they know that in accepting it, they’ll have to take action and make some physical changes to their lives. It’s about something bigger than my emotions and my breakup, this is about what’s happening on the planet right now.”

For a glimpse into the mind of Sykes and a look at Whitaker’s flawless acting performance, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Bring Me The Horizon out on tour here

via NME