Be Ready To Get Emotionally Attached To Microwave’s “Vomit” From Forthcoming Album ‘Much Love’

Listen everybody, if this is your first time reading what we have to say about emerging emo outfit Microwave, welcome. As for everyone else who has already heard us gush and gush and gush about the Atlanta outfit, it’s nice to have you back.  

Now, in the interest of time, we’re going to keep this brief: After releasing two sensational singles earlier this month, the up-and-coming band is back with news regarding their next LP as well as another impressive single to completely freak over. 

In regards to Microwave’s sophomore full-length, the project is dubbed Much Love and will hit stores in exactly one month via SideOneDummy Records (that’s September 30th for those without a calendar).

As for the new single, which is titled “Vomit,” imagine if all your emotions were balled up and released all at once via a beautifully written and thought out single. Pretty much, after hearing “Vomit” for the first time, you won’t know whether to be angry, sad or completely stoked knowing you just heard your new favorite song. 

To see what we mean, check out the Kyle Thrash-directed video for “Vomit” below and pre-order Much Love here.