August Burns Red Unleash Epic New Single From Upcoming Album ‘Guardians’

Ahead of their upcoming tour with Killswitch Engage and Light The Torch, metalcore stalwarts August Burns Red have just announced their ninth full-length album. 

Titled Guardians, August Burns Red’s long-awaited follow-up to 2017′s Grammy-nominated LP Phantom Anthem is set to hit stores April 3rd via Fearless Records.  

Detailing the forthcoming 11-track album, guitarist JB Brubaker said, “Guardians is the culmination of a complete and total team effort. Dustin and I collaborated musically more than we ever have before. Jake and Brent collaborated vocally more than they ever have before. Matt bounced more drum ideas off of us than we could even comprehend. It was the most time we’ve ever spent in the studio on one album. We’re all so proud of this record and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

In addition to the exciting album news, the Pennsylvania outfit has also shared a new superhero-themed music video for their brand new single “Defender.” 

Talking about the hard-hitting track, guitarist Brent Rambler commented, “The song ‘Defender’ is about having that person who can come in and take some punches for you and be in your corner during hard times. I am quite the comic book fan and I thought the lyrics could easily turn into an awesome animated short story — kind of like if the pages of a comic were to come to life. Luckily, everyone else agreed and we have this sick video to go along with the song.”

To check out the new song and video to get you ready for Guardians, be sure to see below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order August Burns Red’s new album and grab tickets to see them out on tour here.


01) “The Narrative”
02) “Bones”
03) “Paramount”
04) “Defender”
05) “Lighthouse”
06) “Dismembered Memory”
07) “Ties That Bind”
08) “Bloodletter”
09) “Extinct by Instinct”
10) “Empty Heaven”
11) “Three Fountains”