August Burns Red Announce New Album, Go Full ‘Team America’ For “Invisible Enemy” Music Video


After teasing fans yesterday of some sort of forthcoming release, August Burns Red has just dropped the mother load of news announcing their eighth full-length album and sharing a Team America-like music video for their brand new single “Invisible Enemy.”

Due out October 6th on Fearless Records, Phantom Anthem will be August Burns Red’s highly-anticipated follow up to their successful 2015 LP Found In Far Away Places.

Now as for that new music video, just when you thought August Burns Red couldn’t top their animated underwater clip for “Identity,” the band got together with director Samuel Halleen to create an all-puppet music video. Yes, you read that right: August Burns Red’s new music video features marionette versions of the band a la the greatest puppet movie ever made, Team America: World Police.   

To check out “Invisible Enemy” and get yourself incredibly hyped for Phantom Anthem, be sure to check out “Invisible Enemy” below. Afterwards, album pre-orders can be found here.     

Track List:

01. King Of Sorrow
02. Hero Of The Half Truth
03. The Frost
04. Lifeline
05. Invisible Enemy
06. Quake
07. Coordinates
08. Generations
09. Float
10. Dangerous
11. Carbon Copy