Audioslave Reunited At Prophets Of Rage’s Anti-Inaugural Ball And It Was, Well, We’ll Let You Decide

Unless you’ve been out of the country, stranded on a deserted island, or without an internet/cable connection and no communication to the outside world, you’ve probably heard that the United States has a new, less-than-desirable president that was sworn into office this past Friday. And, again unless you’ve been off the grid, you probably heard about the handful of peaceful protests that marched through the US shortly after our new president’s inauguration.  

One of those peaceful protests, which was very outspoken about its disdain for he-who-will-not-be-named, was the Anti-Inaugural Ball held by political supergroup Prophets Of Rage.

Featuring a star-studded cast of Jack Black, Jackson Browne, G.O.O.D. Music rapper Vic Mensa, the Los Angeles Freedom Choir, Prophets Of Rage and a highly-anticipated reunion of Audioslave, the Los Angeles event was pegged as a can’t-miss event – that is, until Audioslave started to perform. 

Hyped as the 12-year return of the once-great hard rock outfit Audioslave – whose hits include “Like A Stone,” “Be Yourself,” “Doesn’t Remind Me,” “Cochise” and plenty more – the Chris-Cornell-plus-Rage-Against-The-Machine act took the stage with expectations as high as can be. Then, after about twenty seconds into Cornell’s opening performance, things quickly changed for the worst. See below for proof.

Yeah, then it didn’t stop there…

Or there…

Yeah, sorry Mr. Cornell but that wasn’t your best outing – like, at all. Now, without us diving too much into this unfortunate event, we’re just going to stop ourselves and let you form your own opinion. Tweet us @thenoise and let us know what you think.