Album Stream: Sit Back And Take In Everything That Is Self Defense Family’s Vivid 7-Inch (Noise Exclusive)


You can call them post-punk, you can call them emo. You can call them rock, you can call them softcore. Hell, you can even call them a team of New York DIY superheroes if you want. Around here, we just prefer to call them brilliant. 

Yes, we are indeed referring to the one and only Self Defense Family and today we are beyond stoked to be streaming their brand new 7-inch.

Comprised of two brand new tracks, “Bastard Form” and “Maybe You Could Explain It To Me,” the band’s latest (like most Self Defense EPs) is a newly devised plan to expand listener’s minds via various experimental music and lyric styles.       

“There’s that moment in the Matt Sweeney / Will Oldham song ’Blood Embrace’ where the narrator flips his position and the whole lens you take the song through has to change with him. There’s a Moby Grape song [that] does it perfect going the other way,” explains Self Defense mastermind Patrick Kindlon. “Lyrically, I’ve been trying to pull that off for years. Got it this time.”

To check out the two new tracks from the band’s forthcoming release, be sure to look below. Afterwards, to pre-order the 7-inch before tomorrow’s release date, head here. And for the folks across the pond, you can find all European pre-orders here.