A Lot Like Birds Debut Creepy, Cult-ish Video For “The Sound Of Us”


In support of their forthcoming, Kurt Travis-less release DIVISI, post-hardcore maestros A Lot Like Birds have just debuted their second new single “The Sound Of Us.”

Leaning a bit towards their previously released track “For Shelley (Unheard)” as far as the music goes, lyrically, the new track certainly stands alone as vocalist Cory Lockwood points out.   

“This song was a way of telling a story about a couple in love that steals stars and light from all over the galaxy,” he explains. “Eventually their love fades, and one of them abandons the other. As he’s passing alone and lost and unable to breathe, he thinks about how much of the time they spent together was in silence. He mistook that silence for peace and unspoken love when it was actually just a disconnect, and as he [realizes] it, he suddenly can’t stand the silence around him. This song is his series of dying thoughts.”

To check out A Lot Like Birds’ new video which may or may not creep you out a little bit, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order DIVISI  before it hits stores May 5th via Equal Vision Records.  

[via Noisey]