ICYMI: A Lot Like Birds Announce Break Up, Drummer Reveals New Project With Kurt Travis

Well, shit. After nine years as a band and four full-length albums later, experimental post-hardcore outfit A Lot Like Birds have just announced they’re calling it quits.

“So, here we are, nine years into something we built,” shared the Sacramento outfit. “In 2009, when it started, it was just a question asked from one kid to a bunch of other kids. ‘Do you want to make music with me?’ Bassist, guitarist, singers, keyboardists, violinists, cellists, saxophonists, trumpet players, percussionists and even a drum machine. Our shows were in garages to our very patient friends. We washed cars to raise money for tours that went no further than three or four cities away from us. We wrote simply, we played sloppily and we released a record called Plan B.”

The band went on saying, “We’re here now. It’s 2018 and three records followed, each of them shooting out in directions we couldn’t anticipate and couldn’t have predicted or harnessed if we tried. An experimental record with a new singer, a concept record that nearly drove us insane to formulate and, finally, a stripped down record born from loss. There’s so much pride in every stage, so many stories, so many people met, places seen. Every time we’ve been able to play one of these songs, we got to do so in a new way, to a new crowd and to do it open-faced, exposed and with our heart out on the table. This is a thank you letter to all of you for letting us do so, whenever you came aboard. At the beginning or just last week, thank you for listening. You decided our lives for nine whole years and you made them fucking wonderful.

Lastly, the band finished their off their heartfelt goodbye with words that will probably haunt their listeners for months: “It’s February 17th, 2018 and this is the end of A Lot Like Birds.”

Thankfully, for those in Northern California, the band will be playing one last show at Sacramento’s First Festival in early May. For tickets, head here

After A Lot Like Birds’ final farewell, don’t expect drummer Joseph Arrington to be gone for long as he has already announced his newest project Royal Coda with Stolas guitarist Sergio Medina and former A Lot Like Birds/Dance Gavin Dance co-vocalist Kurt Travis. To check out the three-piece’s debut single “Anything To Save”, be sure to look below.    

As for frontman Cory Lockwood, expect him to dive headfirst into his then-side-project Sufferer which features members of I The Mighty and Hail The Sun. Sufferer will be playing their very first shows later this month in California. For tickets, head here.