10 Best Band Beards Because No Shave November


As fellow beard wearers and watchers of Fight Club, we understand there’s pretty much one huge rule to having a beard: it’s totally uncool to talk about it. 

However, every November, we understand as bearded men we have an obligation to embrace our woolly face cushions to help support a great cause by the name of No Shave November

So, in order to help spread awareness for the non-profit’s global commitment to support cancer prevention, research and education, we have accumulated the 10 best band beards from our music scene.


1) Andy Williams of Every Time I Die


Not only does Andy Williams have one of the best band beards around but he’s also one tough dude. In the off chance anyone dares cross this mammoth guitarist and his freshly groomed whiskers, there’s a pretty solid chance you’ll end up like this guy – aka chokedslammed to the floor left looking like nothing but a no-good jabroni. Yeah, don’t mess with Andy.   

2) Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die


Wait, two guys from Every Time I Die made the list? Well of course, how could anyone deny the fuzzy and charming face of Keith Buckley? This former English teacher turned hardcore singer, alongside his band of bearded Buffalo bandits, have been running a muck for 15-plus years and deserve any and all recognition they can get. If you disagree, there’s probably an Andy Williams powerbomb waiting for you.  

3) Kevin Jordan of This Wild Life


Just like his presumably soft face pillow, Kevin Jordan is the ruler of all things cushy and calm. Fronting the acoustic duo This Wild Life with his lusciously long brillo bush, Kevin has helped bring a steady dose of tranquility and relaxation to a predominantly overeager group of rambunctious listeners.      

4) Jason Butler of letlive.


This choice should be a no-brainer. We mean, besides being the beloved frontman of LA post-hardcore outfit letlive., Jason Butler has also dipped his lovely face-curls into the world of beard oil by starting his own lifestyle brand G.I.R.L. Talk about commitment.     

5) Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire 


Maybe the most fashionable on the list, Matty Mullins’ signature red face locks are almost as identifiable as his punishing screams and crooning high-pitched vocals. Representing a small population of gingered metalcore frontmen, we’d say Mullins and his t-shirt famous beard are doing a-okay for themselves.      

6) Devin King of The Color Morale


Probably the most likely to win the “Most Likely To Dress as ZZ Top for Halloween” award, Devin King has been letting his fur muzzle grow to some pretty impressive lengths lately. Sporting his brownish red chinmop across the stage with The Color Morale, we don’t see Devin cutting that thing off anytime soon – especially since his social media handles are @Devinhasabeard.     

7) Davey Muise of Vanna


Whether it’s slicked back, in a bun or a nice blueish gray, there’s always one constant about Davey Muise’s hair: it’s always growing out of his face. No matter what the energetic and outspoken Vanna lead singer has going on up top, there’s always a decent amount of fluff around the chin to keep things looking stylish and fresh. Case in point, the image above.    

8) Dan “Soupy” Campbell of The Wonder Years


Whether he’s leading charge of his well-bearded band the Wonder Years or slowing things down with an acoustic guitar as Aaron West, Dan “Soupy” Campbell and his probably cheese steak-riddled chinstrap shares a special place in our heart. Not only does he have one of the best nicknames around and loves tweeting about sports, but who else can say they got to perform on stage alongside Doug the Pug!             

9) Stephen “Stevis” Harrison of The Chariot


Pretty much the whole inspiration behind this list after being featured in Mashable, this ex-The Chariot guitarist has been maintaining facial hair dominance as of late by uploading fashionable photos to his Instagram page and interacting with DragonCon-goers on Zup Zood TV. From taking a look at Harrison’s latest posts, it seems that spending time away from the stage has only helped assist the delicacy of his delightful dimple disguise.

10) Tony Puzzuti of The Word Alive


Wrapping up our list of best bearded band men is none other than The Word Alive’s Tony Puzzuti. Somehow finding a way to survive grueling Arizona summers with a well-polished crumb catcher, Tony and his curly neck quilt have helped The Word Alive become one of metalcore’s most popular acts (mostly due to Tony and his bandmantes, but hey, having a gnarly beard helps too!). 

Oh, and God bless America. <3        

Honorable Mentions:

Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember)
Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra)
Four Year Strong (like, the whole band)