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Emo / Indie-Pop / Rock


  • Sounds Like: Spooky Black, Lil Peep, nothing,forever

nothing,nowhere. is a music producer who makes alternative music. He found his passion for music when he was 12 years old when his cousin let him borrow their acoustic guitar, with which n,n covered a popular emo-rap songs. He went through school going to and from bands, most of them never getting anywhere. Later, he started focusing on his own music, and then the name “nothing,nowhere.” was born. The inspiration for his music comes from blending more of the “heavier hip-hop elements” with “organic instruments.” Since the inception of nothing,nowhere., he has released 2 EPs: The 2015 bummer and the 2016 Who Are You?. He has also released many singles, including the popular “Deadbeat Valentine” and “Twenty Something.” Though some people falsely think that nothing,nowhere. is more than one person, he has announced that he is a solo act a few times. You can support him on Bandcamp & SoundCloud


nothing,nowhere. : Who Are You?
  • Latest Album:
    Who Are You?
  • Release Date:
    January 23, 2016

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