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Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse

Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Rock

Falling In Reverse

  • From: Las Vegas, NV
  • Sounds Like: Pierce The Veil, Papa Roach, Asking Alexandria

The fine line between genius and insanity, self-seriousness and self-deprecation, implosion and explosion: that is the phantom zone where FALLING IN REVERSE thrives. Falling In Reverse founder, frontman, and Machiavellianheroic supervillain / villainous superhero Ronnie Radke is the walking, talking, breathing, spitting, screaming, singing, fighting, loving, hyper-confident, sensitive,and vulnerable embodiment of a generation’s id. He’s the ego and super-ego in the classic Freudian sense, “slipping” all over the place with vicious bite and playful innuendo. With his music, art, and life, he is the living embodiment of broken homes, the frustrated contradiction of self-destruction, and everyday single-minded defiance against a world gone mad.


Falling In Reverse : Coming Home
  • Latest Album:
    Coming Home
  • Release Date:
    April 7, 2017

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