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Code Orange

Code Orange

Hardcore / Punk

Code Orange

  • From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sounds Like: Loma Prieta, Nails, Trap Them

Code Orange are a lot of things: they're from Pittsburgh, they're all teenagers, they play hardcore. One thing they certainly aren’t is pretentious. The sound that they've developed over the last year and half’s three releases— CYCLES, EMBRACE ME//ERASE MECS, a 2010 demo — pulls no punches. It takes no prisoners. It brings no relief. It is hardcore the Code Orange way, and we’d be damned if you can find anything that will leave you feeling the same after one of their notorious shows.


Code Orange : Love Is Love//Return To Dust
  • Latest Album:
    Love Is Love//Return To Dust
  • Release Date:
    November 6, 2012

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