Deftones Stream New Single, Essentially Melt Minds of Millions

Unless you’ve been living a mysteriously strange life without the wonderful world of the Internet, you’re hopefully well aware that influential rock outfit Deftones have been working diligently on a follow up to 2012′s Koi No Yokan.  

After much speculation as to what the new album will be called and when it will be released, listeners have finally received a firm conformation from the band thanks in part to their new single, “Prayers/Triangles.”   

Since first premiering the new track on Beats 1, Deftones have gone ahead and uploaded a visual for the song on their YouTube page detailing a few important factors like the album’s title, Gore, and it’s release date, April 8.

In regards to the new single and why it was picked first to showcase the band’s new music, frontman Chino Moreno explained:    

“I feel like it’s just one of those songs that’s very Deftones-esque, where that dynamic is there as far as that ebb and flow and that dynamic of just those, parts that go at your throat. But you know, it also has a soothing quality to it as well and that dichotomy is what makes us who were are in a way. It’s sort of our DNA. So I feel like it’s a good representation of where we’re at right now and where we’ve been in the past as well.”

To stream “Prayers/Triangles,” be sure to look below.