5 Acts to See: Van’s Warped Tour

5 Acts to See: Van’s Warped Tour

Beartooth: Metalcore frontman Caleb Shomo will be making his return to Warped Tour this year with the highly anticipated act Beartooth. Although Shomo has years of Warped experience with his former band Attack Attack!, this year will be different. As Shomo shifts from team player to HMFIC, he and his bandmates should draw quite a crowd as curious concertgoers contemplate if Beartooth’s hype matches their live show.    

Every Time I Die: Every Time I Die are back on this year’s Van’s Warped Tour and they aren’t playing just for shits and gigs. These guys mean business. With a new album set to release later this summer, the five-piece Buffalo natives will be in full face-melting mode bewildering crowds of drenched pit-goers. If their new single “Thirst” is a sign of things to come, concertgoers beware. You may lose a limb or two.   

A Lot Like Birds: This prog-rock meets post-hardcore shakeup, otherwise known as A Lot Like Birds, will be sure to give you show. A combination of melodic yet loud but also quick and soft tunes will leave audiences clammy and wanting more.  

Plague Vendor: Ready to get weird? Well, not weird per say, just different. Like a flash back to the 80’s punk scene, Plague Vendor will bring young Warped goers a sound perhaps more familiar to their parents. With a pinch of the Dead Kennedys, a dash of the Adolescents and a smidgen of the Blood Brothers, Plague Vendor will definitely give kids a reason to get sweaty this year.  

Stray From the Path: Stray From the Path are hardcore and when we say hardcore, we aren’t just talking about their music. These dudes will shit in your cereal if you run them the wrong way. “Stay away from me. Punk motherfuckers don’t step to me. They abuse their authority. Now I know my enemy,” shouts lead singer Drew York on the Anonymous track “Badge & a Bullet.” Stray From the Path possess a lyrical mentality Rage Against the Machine fans would be proud of and, for that reason, you need to see them this summer. You won’t regret it.