XTRMST Proves Davey and Jade of AFI are Still as Hardcore as Ever


Remember the good ol’ days of the goth punk in-your-face AFI? The circa late 90’s AFI that put adrenalin and fear in your blood rather than eye shadow and Forever 21 ironic band tees? Well it’s back… kind of.

Frontman Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget – under the straight-edge hardcore moniker XTRMST – have announced that they will be putting out a self-titled full-length album November 18. In anticipation of the up-coming release, the two punk icons leaked a new track that will completely knock you off your ass. Titled as “Words for the Unwanted,” this ruthless and chaotic track is something any hardcore fan can (and will) enjoy.

Now of course this isn’t the first XTRMST track to hit the Internet. Heading over to their Soundcloud page you can check out their previously released tracks “Dirty Nails,” “Conformist,” “Exterminate” and “The Breed.”

After destroying your eardrums from listening to their tunes too many times, be sure to go to XTRMST’s official website to check out their track listing for the album and more.