While She Sleeps Announce New LP ‘So What?’ Share Eye-Opening Visual For “Anti-Social”

Anybody ready for 2019? Forgot about this dismal 2018, it’s time to look forward to the new year as UK hard-hitters While She Sleeps have just announced their highly anticipated follow-up to 2017′s You Are We.

Titled as So What?, While She Sleeps’ fourth full-length album will officially hit stores March 1st via their own label Sleeps Brothers.

Talking about self-releasing their new record, guitarist/vocalist Mat Welsh says: “We got approached immediately by a bunch of labels but we turned around to all of them and said, ‘The only way we’re going to do anything is if you let us release it on Sleeps Brothers, but you house that on your train, and we make the decisions behind everything.’”

“I fucking loved releasing You Are We ourselves, but at the same time, I played more on my laptop than I did on my guitar for the whole campaign,” Welsh continues. “This release is a partnership between Sleeps Brothers and Spinefarm, but no one is breathing down our necks about the record we’re making or the singles we’re putting out.”

Speaking of singles, to coincide with their album announcement, While She Sleeps have also unleashed their brand new politically-charged track “Anti-Social.” 

Commenting on the direction of the new track and their upcoming album as a whole, guitarist Sean Long said: “We’ve let our hair down and we’ve got our bollocks out. I’m not fucking about. I’m not cutting corners. I’ve been writing like this will be my last album. You Are We got us to this special position and it’s given us a platform. For us, it’s like, ‘What can we do to really stick this in people’s faces? What can we put out there that we’re buzzing off?’ I don’t want to be following everyone else – I want people to follow us.”

To check out While She Sleeps’ fiery new song and accompanying music video, be sure to look below. To pre-order So What?, head here.