Weird Wednesday: Riot Fest Denver Edition

Welcome back everyone to a special edition of Weird Wednesday! If you thought our obsession with Riot Fest was over, well, you’re wrong. While Riot Fest Chicago may have taken place last week, today we’re going to feature five acts from this weekend’s upcoming Riot Fest in Denver, CO.

For those of you who haven’t been following along, today is the day we share some material that you may not find on your typical “hardcore blog.” So, before we begin, let us forewarn you: THERE ARE NO BREAKDOWNS IN TODAY’S MUSIC.   

After listening to today’s batch of tunes, be sure to tweet us at @thenoise and let us know which songs you enjoyed the most.  

See you next week! 

The Orwells – “Mallrats (La La La)”


So what if this song came out over a year ago and there are more recent videos to share. This song is catchy as all catchy can be and we love it. Plus, this song shares titles with the 1995 Jay and Silent Bob classic. Taking the stage Friday night on the Byers General Store stage, you can bet your ass we’ll be up front getting our “La La La” on with these Illinois “Mallrats.” 

Baby Baby – “Keep on Dancing”

Keeping things fun, cheerful and enthusiastic, Baby Baby is quite the pick-me-up with their track “Keep on Dancing.” If you’re puzzled on how to label the sound of these five guys from the ATL, Clark Westfield from the Gay Blades put it best by stating, “Bad Brains and Kings Of Leon had a baby that was styled by In Living Color and was raised by Lamar of Revenge Of The Nerds.” If that didn’t help much, go give their latest album, Big Boy Baller Club, a listen and let us know what you come up with yourself. Baby Baby will be playing Saturday at 4:15 on the Revolt Stage. 

In The Whale – “Girlfriend”

Hometown heroes, In The Whale, are sure going to be a treat at this year’s Riot Fest. Boasting an upbeat and energetic dance punk party, concertgoers seeing this act live will certainly be unable to control their feet as soon as “Girlfriend” hits their ears. With drummer Eric Riley and guitarist Nate Valdez offering a modern day punk rock take to classic 50’s rock and roll, it should be no surprise to see supporters shake and twist in the crowd.  

Wiredogs – “Chelsea Hotel”

Not to be confused with Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” or even Lana Del Rey’s cover for that matter, Wiredog’s “Chelsea Hotel” is a much more abrasive tune with an even more in-your-face music video. Featuring a hotel party where guests are snorting cocaine and injecting themselves with heroine, this “party” quickly takes a turn for the worse. Not one to spoil an ending, this video ends how you would expect an evening with a junkie would. On a much lighter note, Wiredogs take the stage Saturday at 12:45 on the Revolt Stage.     

Dads – “My Crass Patch”

With a name like Dads, you would think it’d be hard to make it in the “Google friendly” music scene we live in today. Thankfully, against all odds, these two New Jersey natives have done just that. With an impressive 14,000 followers on Twitter and 32,000 Facebook likes, this alternative/emo duo has found a way to break through Google’s stranglehold on the common Internet search. To catch the nearly ungoogleable Dads live, you can see them Saturday at 5:30 on the Revolt Stage.