Weird Wednesday: October Recap


With October coming to a close, we have decided to take a look back on previous Weird Wednesday posts to re-feature some of our favorite tracks from this past month. If you’ve been following along for the last few Wednesdays, you should hopefully see some of your favorite songs below that you wouldn’t find on your typical “hardcore blog.” However, if you’re new to the party, let us inform you that: THERE ARE NO BREAKDOWNS IN TODAY’S MUSIC.

After listening to today’s batch of tunes, tweet us at @thenoise and let us know which songs you’ve enjoyed the most from the month of October.

See you in November!

The Menzingers – “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore”

With Halloween coming up, why not feature a video with one of the greatest slasher film monsters of all time? Off their new album Rented World, The Menzingers have put together an impressive career thus far dating all the way back to 2006. Now with two full-lengths released through the well-respected Epitaph Records, these Pennsylvania gents are finally starting to get the respect they deserve.

Real Friends – “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

You’re witnessing a movement here, folks. If you haven’t already noticed the high volume of pop-punk that’s swept over The Noise lately, you need to open your eyes. Streamlining this pop-punk movement are bands like the one you see before you, Real Friends. Signed to Fearless Records, these dudes are tearing up the hearts of teens all across the world with tracks just like, “I Don’t Love You Anymore.” Their brand new album, Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing is in stores now.

The Love Junkies – “Television”

Everybody, this is the Love Junkies and they are from Australia. Be sure to say hi and make friends because you guys are going to be seeing a lot of these dudes in the future. Why is that you ask? Well, because their form of Aussie alternative rock is so damn good, that’s why. Combining elements of the Vines and Cage the Elephant, tracks like “Television” and “Maybelene” are definitely songs you need more of in your life.  

The Moms – “Miss America”

Now, what’s better than a post-punk band singing about America? Maybe a symbolic music video accompanying that post-punk band as they rescue Miss America from being tortured by Uncle Sam? Yeah, that’s the ticket. If you can’t get enough of “Miss America” and want more from this New Jersey trio, The Moms, go pick up their debut full-length, Buy American.     

Wank For Peace – “Was That What You Expected Kid?”

Yes, this band goes by the name Wank For Peace. Yes, they like to dress up in cute animal costumes. No, they are not from the United States. But does all that really matter? To us, all we care about is that this French pop-punk quartet likes to have fun and make some killer tunes. If you’re a fan of “Was That What You Expected Kid?” like we are, you can download their latest LP Fail Forward on Bandcamp