Weird Wednesday: 8/13/14


Welcome back everyone to the fifth installment of Weird Wednesday! For those who may be new to this, today is the day we share some material that you may not find on your typical “hardcore blog.” So, before we begin, let us remind you: THERE ARE NO BREAKDOWNS IN TODAY’S MUSIC.

After listening to today’s batch of tunes, tweet us at @thenoise and let us know which songs you enjoyed the most.  

See you next week! 

4th ’n Goal “Easycore / Stuck-up People”

With possibly one of the best names in all things pop-punk, 4th ’n Goal are just what we need as we patiently wait for the NFL season to begin. Being huge football fanatics, anytime we can get our hands (and ears) on something pigskin related, it certainly warrants an end-zone-like celebration. Enthusiastic and upbeat like a cheerleader on game day, 4th ’n Goal offer a flavor of pop-punk any fan of the genre would want slopped all over their pregame hotdog. If 4th ’n Goal were to play a position in the NFL, they would probably be a running back. They are young, reliable and offer a consistent dose of power and speed. Had enough of the football comparisons, yet? Yeah, us too. Go Bears!

Brick + Mortar “Old Boy”

True to our weekly Wednesday theme of keeping things weird, the music video for “Old Boy” by Brick + Mortar is definitely that and then some. Going out on a bit of a limb here, we think it’s safe to say that any video featuring an alien in a thong fighting Santa Claus is probably on the weird side. Not to mention, an alien with extremely long nipples. Yeah, weird, we know. Not one to spoil the fun, let’s just say the thong wearing alien with the long nipples may be one of the more tamed creatures you’ll come across in this video. Now if that doesn’t make you want to watch, who knows what will.         

Girl Tears “Kill for Love”

According to the Guy Fieri hosted game show Minute to Win it, there are a lot of things that can be accomplished in just 60 seconds. Things like bouncing Ping-Pong balls onto pieces of bread covered in peanut butter or throwing 10 toilet paper rolls through hoops are both accomplishable feats you can do in just one minute. In addition to that, one thing the fine folks at Minute to Win it probably never thought to include in their zany game show was jamming out to Girl Tear’s “Kill for Love.” Okay, so maybe that was a bit of stretch, but who cares. We fit a Guy Fieri reference into a catchy punk song’s description. Score one for us.   

Cold World “Hell’s Direction”

Hip hop and hardcore usually don’t mesh very well together. However, in the case of Cold World’s “Hell Direction,” we have to say that we’re pretty into it. Featured in the first 43-seconds of the track, the “4, 5, 6” east coast emcee, Kool G Rap, lays down a quick verse that flows rather well into Cold World’s thrash-like sound. Continuing with a “typical” hardcore blare throughout the rest of the track, Cold World does an excellent job piecing the two genres together. To hear more from Cold World, pick up their latest album, How the Gods Chill.       

Aviator- “There was a Light (It Went Out)”

No Sleep records seems to be pulling all the punches with young up-and-coming acts as of late. After already featuring Adventures, State Faults and now Aviator, there seems to be a trend emerging out of the Huntington Beach based record label: sign ‘em young and sign ‘em feisty. Out of the streets of Boston, MA, Aviator is a self-proclaimed “emotional hardcore” act that delivers more on the emotional side than the hardcore side. With a sound unique all on its own, “There was a Light (It Went Out)” is a great demonstration of exactly what this five-piece band has to offer their listeners. For more from Aviator, be on the lookout for their first full-length release Head in the Clouds, Hands in the Dirt to hit stores August 19.