We Went To The First Night Of As I Lay Dying’s US Tour To Talk To Their Fans


Note: This post is meant to be an unbiased look into the state of As I Lay Dying from the outlook of their fans. This is NOT meant to belittle, troll or embarrass anyone for their support or non-support of the band. 

If you’re reading this, we imagine you’re pretty up to date on everything surrounding the newly reformed As I Lay Dying. However, for those unaware, the SoCal metalcore act has reunited since vocalist Tim Lambesis was released on parole after pleading guilty to solicitation of murder for his role in trying to have his wife killed. 

Basically, long story short: Labesis is out, the band’s “classic” lineup is back together, they’ve released a new single and are currently selling out shows for their first US tour in five years – meaning, whether you like it or not, As I Lay Dying has officially returned.   

Now as you can probably imagine, there have been a massive amount of opinions on whether fans should be supporting the Lambesis-lead outfit. Some fans claim they can separate the man from the music. Others, instead, disapprove of the singer’s comeback and choose not to embrace the one-time religious band.

While for some of you, the decision to nix As I Lay Dying from your life is simple. For other longtime fans, it’s not quite as easy. For this reason, in order to get a fan’s perspective on the band’s return, we interviewed a few at As I Lay Dying’s first US tour stop in Mesa, Arizona. 

To check out what they had to say about Tim’s arrest, the band getting back together and whether they’d still support the band if Tim’s assassination attempt had a different outcome, be sure to look below.  

AJ, 26

Have you seen As I Lay Dying before?

This is my fifth time.

What’s your favorite As I Lay Dying song or album?

Man, I want to say “A Greater Foundation” and probably Shadows Are Security. Definitely my favorite album.

Being a fan for as long as you have, you’re probably aware of everything that’s going on with Tim?

Yeah, everything in the past.

Did that run through your mind before buying a ticket for the show tonight?

It didn’t, to be honest.

Why do you think that is?

The music is separate from Tim, in my opinion at least. I grew up listening to their music. It’s influenced me a lot and in my music personally. I’ve met all the dudes, they’re really cool people. And people make stupid ass decisions and that was a huge one on his part, unfortunately. But I love them no matter what.

Just out of curiosity, no judgment on our part, if Tim’s wife had been harmed in the assassination attempt, do you think that would have changed your opinion on the band?

More than likely. I mean, the attempt is just as bad ‘cause it’s the thought that goes into it. So yeah, if something actually did happen, it’d be a whole different story.

Everest, 29

Have you seen As I Lay Dying in concert before?

This is my first time.

What’s your favorite As I Lay Dying song or album?

You know, I don’t label man. It’s all fantastic to be honest. It’s just the band and what they represent. It’s just amazing. I mean, you know, a lot of things happened. A lot of change happens but there’s a reason why they got back together.

Obviously, there’s been a lot of controversy going on with the band. Did that run through your mind before buying a ticket at all?

It raised some concerns at the time, but man, we’re all human dude. You know, you just [have to] understand things are just going to happen. Regardless of who you are, everyone’s gonna have their trials. And you’re going to go through a lot of [things], and a lot of people might do things that, you know, are questionable to others. But hey, that’s life. Everyone has their own path. In the end, it all works out. Somehow, someway, it all works out.

Are you a religious person at all?

No, I’m spiritual but not religious.

Do you think if Tim’s assassination attempt had gone through, your opinions would change if his wife had been harmed?

I mean, it’s pretty, you know… it would be very, very questionable and he probably would have a different impact. But I don’t know, man. Honestly dude, I’m very forgiving regardless of what anyone does. I mean, I know there are things you just can’t forgive someone for, but dude, life moves on. You know, everyone deserves a chance. That’s just the way it’s got to be. I honestly would be pretty torn up about it. But I’d get over it, you know. Like I said, man, we’re all human. It’s just human instincts are going to do things [that don’t] really jive with everyone else, whether it’s good or bad regardless. But you know, just look how things turned out.

Do you think Tim being on steroids had anything to do with his mental state?

Yeah, I think that might have [influenced him] on a mental level… I want to say a good 30% - 40% did play some part in that but who knows what this man was going through. Who knows, at the time, what was going on. It could be a variation of things, but to get to that point, it must [have] been something more than just one influence.

If you could ask Tim any question face-to-face what would it be?

How did you overcome all that’s happened?

Hopefully he speaks on that tonight at the show…

Definitely. Yeah, man. I hope he enlightens us with, you know, a few words on the direction they’re headed now and what’s going to happen next.

Anthony, 33

Have you seen As I Lay Dying before? If so, how many times?

Yes. At least 10.

What’s your favorite As I Lay Dying song or album?

It’s really tough. I guess probably An Ocean Between Us but Shadows Are Security is pretty close.

Being a fan for as long as you have, you’re probably familiar with everything going on with the band and Tim?


Did that enter your mind at all before buying a ticket to the show tonight?

I work for the rest of the guys personally, so I’m kind of going based off of their recommendation that everything’s “peachy.” Well, not “peachy,” but [things are] well enough.

Eric, 33

Have you been an As I Lay Dying fan for pretty long?

Yeah, man. I’ve seen them with Demon Hunter. I’ve seen him with Blessthefall.
A couple Warped Tours. So I’ve been into Tim and some of his side projects for a while.

What’s your favorite As I Lay Dying song or album?

Alright, I’m pretty high right now, but the one with the half moon [laughs].

Shadows Are Security?

Yeah, that was great. I remember walking into a Christian store and seeing that and being like, “Something doesn’t belong here.” But uh, I’ve been waiting for this for like, six years.

Are you a religious person?

No. Well, I mean, I have my Jewish star on but not super religious.

So as you’re probably well aware, there’s a lot of controversy going on with Tim. Did that sway your opinion about buying a ticket tonight?

You know, it’s interesting. I think there was a documentary about it. A friend of mine and I were talking and [Tim] served his time. You know, he was convicted, he went to jail and he served his time. It even seemed like he was kind of, like, entrapped into it because the cop that was there, like the guy posing as the hitman, was kind of leading him on. So it’s hard for me to retroactively go back and talk about something that’s already been judged. You know, we’re not here to like lynch mob. It’s not for me to talk about.  

So just asking with no judgment whatsoever, do you think if the assassination had gone through and Tim’s wife was harmed, do you think you would feel differently about the band?

You know, that’s a tough thing to say because it makes me a hypocrite if I’d be like, “Well, no.” It’s hard. You know, it’s interesting because from what I understand the band tried to distance themselves from him and then the moment he got out, everyone kind of jumped back in. So if they were fine with it, how can I not be? But if it actually went through, um yeah. But again, from what I was reading, it didn’t seem like he was searching anything out. It seemed like more they were trying to like…

Coax him?

Yeah, coax him into basically saying, like, the magic words like, “Yeah, I guess.” And, [Tim] even admitted he was on substances without straight judgments so it’s tough to say. I mean, but again, that’s hypothetical. We could do that with a lot of things.

Do you hope he talks about it tonight on stage?

No, no, that’s not fair. This is about the music, it’s not about his personal life. Now if he does, it’d be interesting to see what he has to say. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t.

Whitney, 28

Are you a big As I Lay Dying fan?

I am.

How long have you liked them?

For about eight years, since 2011.

What’s your favorite As I Lay Dying song or album?

I would have to say, that’s really tough. I liked the third album they did before the whole incident happened.

Speaking of the incident, did the reasoning behind Tim going to prison run through your mind before coming to the show tonight?

No. I always thought, in life, [you should be] given a second chance and [you shouldn’t] have one incident overturn your life and let people define you by the mistakes that everyone does. So yeah, I just decided to come out [and show] my support because the music itself is what [helps me] keep going in my daily life. Like, when you have those moments where you want to take a breather, take a step back and reflect on everything that you can’t control in life, music is your way of escaping [and] a way of feeling your emotions out and it’s just [so] overpowering that it motivates you.

So As I Lay Dying has been that band for you?

Yeah, regardless, I still listened to them even when the incident happened. Whenever I’m at home, working out, just on a daily basis I still listen to them.

Just out of curiosity, if Tim’s assassination attempt had gone through and his wife was harmed, would that have changed your opinion on things?

It probably would. But I’d try and maybe overlook it, just the person himself, but [not] the music. I’ve seen that his band members – it’s just not only [Tim], it’s a whole group. So I would see it more [as] not just pinpointing and blaming one person for the falling outcome of the group itself.

Mitch, 27

Have you seen As I Lay Dying in concert before? 

I have not. 

What’s your favorite song or album by them?

Probably their older stuff. Like, I haven’t listened to them in a long time. And I just happened to be on Facebook and saw that they’re coming into town. 

Are you familiar with all the things going on with the band right now with Tim and everything? 


You haven’t heard what happened with Tim and why he went to prison? 

Oh yeah, actually, I think I did hear a little bit about that. 

Did that cross your mind before buying a ticket tonight?


With it being your first time seeing the band, you’re just here to hear the music and nothing else?

Yeah, I like the music. I mean, you know, whatever [Tim] went through, everyone makes mistakes, I guess.  

John, 28 

How many times have you seen As I Lay Dying? 

This will be the second time actually. We drove from like, fucking six hours away. Sorry. But um, yeah, we come from the “Four Corners” area. So we just got here, like, literally at six o'clock. 

Do you have a favorite song or album from As I Lay Dying?

My favorite song would probably be “Within Destruction” because it’s short, heavy, just like thrashing all around. But the new one they released not too long ago, I’m really digging that one.

Is metal your favorite kind of music? 

Yeah, I listen to strictly metal. It doesn’t really matter what kind. 

So obviously there’s a lot of controversy with the band right now. Did Tim’s prison sentence run through your mind before buying a ticket tonight? 

Not really. I mean, it’s As I Lay Dying [laughs]. So I’m pretty sure all is forgiven. He did his time. Now he’s back with another person. There’s really no, I guess you would say, no hard feelings. But I’m glad that they’re back. It sucks that Wovenwar’s not there anymore. But you know, I’ve been a fan of [As I Lay Dying] since like ‘04 when I first heard “The Darkest Nights.” I’ve been a fan since then and The Powerless Rise was one [album] I really liked. I can’t wait for another album.

Jamie, 29

Have you seen As I Lay Dying before?

I have not.

So when you heard they’re coming to town and you hadn’t seen them before, you just had to get your ticket?

Yeah, I had to. I had to. I even tried to get the tickets like two months ago and it was fucking $300. Tonight, I actually bought them for way cheaper.

Wow. Okay, so obviously there’s a lot of controversy going on with Tim. Did that cross your mind before buying a ticket?

Yeah, that didn’t bug me at all. That’s his personal life. It doesn’t affect the band. You know what I mean? Like, it’s good music. I like their music.

What’s your favorite song or album by them?

Um, I want to say “Vacancy” on Powerless Rise.

So last question, strictly based on curiosity: If Tim’s assassination attempt had happened and his wife had been harmed, would you have felt differently about separating Tim’s personal life and the band?

I would have felt differently about him but not the band itself. You know, their music, that’s what I’m going for. I’m not coming here for him. I’m coming here for the band.

Ben, 20

Have you seen As I Lay Dying before?

I haven’t. I’ve been wanting to see these guys forever.

Since you’ve never seen them before, the controversy with Tim wasn’t going to interfere with you coming to the show tonight?

Not really. Only because, it’s kind of hard to explain. I don’t agree with what Tim did but if you’ve heard [their new] song “My Own Grave,” it’s very sincere. And not only that, like, I go to see the band and to hear the music and these guys were a big part of my musical life. So just the fact that I’m able to, you know, finally see them, that’s pretty cool. So I’m going to see the band, not just Tim or not just a single member.  

So what’s your favorite As I Lay Dying song or album?

I’d have to say the album An Ocean Between Us. I will just go with that one. Only because that one got me into them. 

Okay, so this is just a question based out of curiosity, no judgments on our part one way or the other. Do you think if Tim’s assassination plans had gone through you’d feel differently about going to the show tonight? 

Honestly, I think he wouldn’t be out [by now] if it went through. That’s really all that I have for that one.