Watch Sam Carter Rule Over Gotham City In New Architects Video For “Downfall”


With just one more day until the release of their new album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, Architects have just dropped a brand new music video for their track “Downfall” – which, we’ve come to believe, may very well be inspired by the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Although we can’t necessarily prove this assumption, there’s no way we’re the only ones thinking the city in the new video might just be Gotham City. We mean, in all seriousness, it might not be the Gotham City, but still, if there were to be a metalcore Batman to watch over us and protect us all from corrupt villains, wouldn’t your vote be for Sam Carter? Yeah, us too. 

Anyways, all jokes aside, to check out the new music video, be sure to look below. Afterwards, pre-orders for All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us are still available and can be found here along with tickets to Architects upcoming US headliner with Counterparts and Sworn In.