Watch Post Malone And Machine Gun Kelly Play Beer Pong Because What Else Do You Have To Do Today


In case you haven’t heard, rap superstar Post Malone likes to drink beer. So much so, the Bud Light spokesman has started his own show dedicated to the unofficial sport of college dormitories and fraternity parties all across the world, beer pong.   

That’s right, featured on Facebook Messenger, the Top 40 phenom is challenging friends and fellow musicians to see who can throw ping-pong balls into beer-filled cups the quickest.    

For the first-ever episode of the Celebrity World Pong League, Post Malone and his DJ Smitty took on none other than Machine Gun Kelly and fellow “Tommy Lee” penmen Tyla Yaweh.  

To check out the drunken escapades that took place between MGK and Post Malone and see who had to endure the “Industrial Fan Challenge” for losing, be sure to watch below or on Facebook here.