Watch Pop-Punk Newcomers Youth Fountain Debut “Helpless / Letters To Our Former Selves”

Ahead of their Pure Noise Records debut Letters To Our Former Selves, pop-punk newcomers Youth Fountain have just debuted two brand new tracks.

Titled as “Helpless” and “Letters To Our Former Selves,” Youth Fountain vocalist/guitarist Tyler Zanon describes the two Knuckle Puck-like singles as “the two intro tracks that I always felt set the vibe, pacing & overall tone of what [the] album stands for and means to me.”

“'Helpless,’ which contains a few simple lyrics,” he continues, “[represents] yearning of the past - to commemorate on a given situation that one might have ruined and being able to acknowledge it all but still having that looming desire to turn back time and fix things.”

As for their fast-paced title track, Zanon went on to say, “The continuation of the title track ‘Letters to Our Former Selves’ is what I’ve always felt (lyrically) as a mental note on the person I had been in my early teenage years. I wrote the song when I was 18 as everything was changing and falling apart in life - I thought to re-record it for this album knowing it could fit in with the rest of the songs we had.”

And lastly, touching on the band’s emotional music video which ties both songs together, Zanon adds: “As for the concept of the music video - having the 'floating window panes’ I always felt tied in nicely with the record, or more specifically these two songs. Hearing and playing them now, I’m sort of able to recollect on the person I was or have been. I like to think the symbolism of a 'window’ is an appropriate representation of looking back on things and having that ability of self-reflection.”

To check out Youth Fountain’s new tracks to prepare you for their upcoming album release, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to not only pre-order Letters To Our Former Selves before it hits stores March 8th but also grab tickets to see the Canadian duo out on tour with Can’t Swim, Homesafe and Save Face here.