Watch Picturesque Address Lonely Dating Culture With NSFW “Swipe” Video

If you’ve ever been up late on Tinder or Bumble desperately searching for companionship, this song is for you. Following where they left off with last year’s “Pray,” post-hardcore act Picturesque has returned with a new stand-alone single dedicated to the lonely dating culture. 

Talking about the relatable new track “Swipe,” frontman Kyle Hollis says, “For the song ‘Swipe,’ I wanted to address a point in my life where I felt alone and I turned to Tinder to find company. One girl in particular would ghost for a week while uploading pictures of her and some other dude going out, and then hit me up to ‘hang out.’ Because I felt like I had nothing anymore, I felt like I couldn’t say no.”

To check out Picturesque’s new eye-opening and genre-bending track, be sure to check out their semi-NSFW visual below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see the band out on tour alongside Sunsleep here.

via Rock Sound