Watch Neck Deep Become ‘Possessed’ By SlipNeck During Recent Halloween Live Stream

Looking to keep their heavy metal persona alive for yet another Halloween, UK pop-punkers Neck Deep brought back their beloved Slipknot ensemble for their recent live stream event.

Claiming their stream was “hijacked,” Neck Deep – we mean, SlipNeck – proceeded to play Slipknot hits such as “Wait And Bleed,” “Duality” and “Left Behind” with the help of Static Dress’s Olli Appleyard on unclean vocals.  

Posting about the performance, the band jokingly said, “On Hallow’s Eve in the year 2020, the UK rock band ‘Neck Deep’ was once more possessed by the entity known as ‘SLIPNECK,’ who hijacked the band’s Twitch live stream to perpetuate their own foul message!!! Will they return again? Who can say…”

To check out the awesome clip which also includes the band playing songs off their new record All Distortions Are Intentional, be sure to look below.