Watch Members of Attila, Memphis May Fire and Neck Deep Discuss Their Best, First and Worst Mosh Pit Stories

Aw yes, the mosh pit. Also known as the hard rock combat zone where only the toughest of the tough enter to release the anger that’s been building up inside them. Or, in the case of Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow, a place to release his undigested Sunday dinner.

See, everyone has different experiences when it comes to the pit. While some people experience amazing life-altering events, others, well, go so hard they end up puking their brains out. Like we said, some experiences are better than others.  

For that reason, we reached out to some experienced pit-goers and pit-creators like Attila, Memphis May Fire and Neck Deep to hear some of their best and worst mosh pit stories. To check out their hilarious stories, be sure to watch the video above. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to grab tickets to see all three bands out on the Vans Warped Tour, head here.