Watch Crown The Empire Share Their ‘View On The Current State Of Humanity’ With New “Sudden Sky” Music Video

Fresh off yesterday’s announcement of being named the headliners for Attila’s second annual Rage Fest, post-hardcore outfit Crown The Empire have just dropped a brand new eye-opening music video for their track “Sudden Sky.”

Opening up about the vision behind the new Zev Deans-directed clip, Crown The Empire shed some light on their Black Mirror-like concept saying:   

“We’re born into this world with nothing. No preconceptions. No knowledge of how we got here. No awareness of what or who we are. This is where conformity begins… Today, our society is being shaped by the digital revolution. Technology is growing at an exponential rate. Humans are more connected than ever before. Unlimited information is in the palm of our hands. But there’s something wrong…we’ve become emotionally disconnected.” 

The band went on to add, “Instead of confronting our problems, we numb them with drugs and technological overload. We’re addicted to social media and instant gratification. The lines between what’s real and what’s not are extremely blurred. There’s a glitch in this system and we need to find a solution before it’s too late…The music video for ‘Sudden Sky’ is a visual representation of this never-ending cycle. By watching this, you are submersing yourself into our view on the current state of humanity. Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy.”

To check out Crown The Empire’s dark new visual, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see the band out on tour here.