Watch Chon Go Virtual Reality For New “Pitch Dark” Music Video

Chon fans! As many of you know, today the instrumental masterminds have released their highly anticipated self-titled album. To celebrate, the band has just debuted an intense new music video for their track “Pitch Dark.” 

Talking with guitarist Mario Camarena recently about the new track (which was originally titled “Jump Scary”) and its Spanish guitar intro, Camerena told The Noise:

“[The intro] was honestly kind of a joke at first. Eric [Hansel, guitarist] and I were just in my room. We had the whole song, except the intro. And I have this mini classical guitar in my studio. And Eric started playing that riff and we’re like, ‘What if we started with some stupid, scary intro?’ And so we did it. We recorded it my room and threw it in the song – just like the demo, like what we’re demoing everything out and writing. And everyone we showed it to actually really liked it so we were like, ‘Oh wow. Guess we’ll keep it.’”

To check out Chon’s new video game-friendly video for “Pitch Dark,” be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of their new album and grab tickets to the band’s headlining tour here