Track By Track: Senses Fail And Saves The Day Talk New Surprise Misfits Split ‘Through Being Ghoul’


Surprise! Or maybe with Halloween tomorrow, should we say Trick or Treat!

Giving fans something a little extra special for their spooky day soundtrack, emo icons Saves The Day and Senses Fail have teamed up for a special Halloween-themed split EP.

Titled Through Being Ghoul (a play on Saves The Day’s Through Being Cool, but you knew that already), the new four-track release shows the bands covering one of their hometown heroes and Halloween’s finest, the Misfits. 

Yes, both Saves The Day and Senses Fail took turns covering tracks like Legacy of Brutality′s “Some Kinda Hate” and “Where Eagles Dare” as well as fan-favorites such as “We Are 138” and “Attitude.”

Giving fans a little more insight into how these kickass covers came about, vocalists Chris Conley and Buddy Nielsen spoke with The Noise to share why they picked each classic Misfits track.

To read what Conley and Nielsen had to say and check out their rad renditions, be sure to look below. Afterward, to pick up a copy of the new split through Equal Vision Records and Pure Noise Records, head here

Chris Conley - Saves The Day


“Some Kinda Hate”

When the idea arose to do a split 7” for Halloween covering The Misfits with our friends in Senses Fail I was psyched. I put their entire catalogue on shuffle in my Apple Music and started to pick some songs that would be fun to play and sing. We were brainstorming with management about the release when Jason Mageau, a member of our team, texted saying one of his favorite songs was “Some Kinda Hate” which had just that second come up on shuffle in my studio. I thought, “well that’s a coincidence, isn’t it?” so I turned up the speakers and jammed the song and decided on the spot that track would make the cut. It’s a cool song that almost feels like a punk version of a Motown song or a twisted Doo-Wop ditty and it was super fun to record. 

“Where Eagles Dare”

I picked “Where Eagles Dare” next because I thought it would be just so fun to sing the chorus line “I ain’t no goddamn son of a bitch” in an aggressive growl, which isn’t normally how I sing. And to really let out the wild side, I thought it would be fun to lay down some punk drums too. Indeed, it was a blast. We hope you enjoy it!

Buddy Nielsen - Senses Fail


“We Are 138″ 

I just always thought this song was hilarious. It makes no sense. Apparently, it is about a robot in a movie but then there are claims that Danzig just made it up. I just really wanted to yell 138 over and over and that is why I picked it. I felt I could give it a [James] Hetfield style delivery and give it another vibe. I’m actually surprised by how good it came out. The vibe was Jim Morrison meets Hetfiled. Doing Senses Fail, I never really get to let loose and sing songs that use the word Tiger. This was super fun.


It’s my favorite Misfit song that felt the most doable for Senses Fail. The song structure is actually really weird, I was surprised at the chord changes, its like they didn’t really plan it and just played it once, which is probably what actually happened. Im just stoked on how NJ this whole thing is. Two bands from NJ covering the most famous punk band from NJ.