Track By Track: Explore Amarionette’s Funk-Driven LP ‘Sunset On This Generation’


Look, you’ve had a long week. Getting through 2020 is no easy task and we think we deserve some special. Something, well, funky. 

Just released today, it’s time to fully embrace the sweet and soulful sounds of Amarionette’s new 13-track LP Sunset On This Generation.

Sounding like what would happen if Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa wrote the soundtrack to Boogie Nights, the latest release from the Las Vegas natives is sure to adrenalize your body and get your mind feeling right asap.

Now, giving fans a further look into the energized effort featuring guest appearances from Kurt Travis, Joey Holiday and Andrés, today The Noise is offering an exclusive track by track rundown by guitarist Nick Raya. 

To check out what Raya had to say about the record and learn more about songs like “Modern Disco III,” “Forgot About Sad Dre” and more, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of Sunset On This Generation here.


01) Sunset on This Generation

“Standing on the edge of a new beginning” almost sums up this song entirely. It’s [about] personal struggle, societal issues and making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s complete and total insanity but there is resolve if we wake up before the sun sets on this generation.

02) Golden Without You 

In short, breakups or relationship issues are not fun and they can cause a tremendous amount of strain on one’s mental health. This is what this song is about lyrically. The instrumentals of this track were very heavily inspired by Minus The Bear when it was originally written, but it probably doesn’t sound anything like them.

03) Counterfeits

For most of my life I struggled with self identity. There were a lot of people and circumstances that have led me down this path of self criticism and feelings of being worthless. I wrote “Counterfeits” for anyone struggling with their own self identity. It’s about overcoming that fear of rejection. Through overcoming this obstacle, one begins to discover true self. An experience that frees the mind of captivity. One will no longer be held down by the counterfeit people and toxic energies that have been navigating ones life path. “Changing faces, counterfeits running away.”

04) Modern Disco III

“Modern Disco III” was most certainly inspired by the last two Modern Disco’s of the trilogy, but lyrically this song is on another level. This song is about losing your identity in a relationship, but still being able to come out as yourself on the other side of it. Also, cherish the memories of the experience whether they’re good or bad.

05) Let Go

Lyrically, this song is one of the trippiest songs on the record. This song is about going under during a procedure, and all of the fears and anxieties that came along with that experience. It was a very interesting experience so I thought it would be a good idea to write about it.

06) Throwing Rocks feat. Andrés 

This song seems to be about an adolescent relationship and making mistakes along the way. It was a personal experience in Andrés’ life. Musically, this piece was written 4 years ago and we finally got around to recording it. We are very happy we did!

07) Amnesia feat. Kurt Travis 

Funk in 5/4 is the best way to describe this banger. Issy cooked up this chorus while in the studio with Kurt Travis and the rest fell right into place. Musically this song was written on acoustic guitar with the intention of possibly being an acoustic percussive song.

08) Addiction 

This is probably the most personal song on the album. The lyrical content is very dark and it’s about the trials and tribulations of living with an addict. It’s not a happy song whatsoever but anyone who has friends or family members who are/deal with addicts can relate. Musically, this song is the odd ball on the record.

09) Forgot About Sad Dre 

The music for this song was written about 2 years ago and I had no idea what we would use it for, but it turned out amazing. This was the first song Joe Arrington tracked drums for in the studio, and that’s how this song began to come to life. Lyrically, this song is about challenges that happen during periods of personal growth.

10) Traumatize

I’ve had this vocal idea for several years and I’m so glad we were able to capitalize on this song. For anyone that loved our song “Accidental Obsession” on our last EP will love this song. This is almost a part II of that track. Issy’s melodies on this song are insane.

11) Poison

This song is about being a toxic person in a relationship. Issy had come up with a chorus for this back in December and it took us another 5 months to finish. This song musically was inspired by Circa Survive.

12) Screaming Is Serious Business III

Instrumentally this track is the experimental version of the previous “Screaming Is Serious Business”. We had a blast writing this one on the spot in the studio. I initially only had one riff written before recording the rest of the track. It was a cool experience. Lyrically, this song is about anxiety/having panic attacks.

13) Luminescent Nights

A love song to the universe admiring the magical beauty of the glowing night sky. A mental journey through the cosmos. On the darkest night, the stars shine their brightest. What a beautiful sight.