Track By Track: Dive Into Slit’s New Pissed Off Metalcore EP ‘Nothing Left’

We probably don’t have to tell you this but there sure are a ton of things to be extremely pissed off at right now. 

With everything going on in the world, if you just need something to help escape from it all and let out a little aggression, look no further than the brand new four-track EP from rising metalcore act Slit. 

Titled Nothing Left, the raw and hostile release fuses the sounds of bands like Bad Omens and Secrets while also exploring newer territory working with well-known emo emcee Lil Lotus. 

For an exclusive in-depth look into the new record, which hits stores today, the band has teamed up with The Noise to share an insightful track-by-track overview of the new EP. 

To see what they had to say about Nothing Left, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here

01) Nothing Left 

We value certain people within our lifespan a little more than others. It’s only human, we act as if we can give our full and undivided attention to those who we feel only benefit us in one way or another. Therefore, people come and go. It’s when you go out of your reach, above and beyond for those people you have valued so dearly, finding out you weren’t first priority like you thought. Just as fast as people come and go, people change. Sometimes a little faster than expected leaving you a loss for words or broken having nothing left.

02) Backwounds 

This track was the perfect layout between strength and weakness. What makes an individual strong? What leaves an individual weak? It’s easy to get stuck in your own head feeling worthless when in a mental state, just as easy as it is to feel tired when in an emotional state, now caught in a never ending loop. Physically and emotionally. 

03) Habits 

We make a routine out of our habits we sometimes, subconsciously, do before we realize we have done it. When falling into alcohol or drugs, you’re essentially on autopilot, making routine of bad choices. This song was intended to hopefully bring to surface what is never thought of before it’s too late. Just something we had all been through in the past and felt that many others could relate.

04) Dead Roses 

“Dead Roses” is definitely more emotional in terms of the writing process. We have all been in a relationship that we thought would last forever. So it’s hard not to see all what was beautiful in something that is now tragic. A lost love but a feeling that will always remain. We also decided to add Lil Lotus to the track because we felt his voice perfectly depicted the pain behind the message we were trying to convey and he did just that. So we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.