Tiny Moving Parts Takes Us to Space in New Music Video

In possibly one of the coolest music videos we’ve seen in 2014, post-punk trio Tiny Moving Parts take us as close to space as any of us may ever get. By using a 600 gram weather balloon, bobble head figurines, a GoPro and a GPS tracker, the band was able to capture a trip to the unknown and back.

According to the band, the bobble head contraption – which had the GoPro placed inside a Styrofoam cooler with heat packs nearby – reached a height of over 80,000 feet. After losing signals from the GPS on it’s way back to earth, the band thankfully had their GoPro returned two months later after a generous farmer located it about 50 miles away from their launch site.

To see the amazing footage Tiny Moving Parts was able to capture for their song “Entrances and Exits,” check out the video below.