The Wonder Years And Motion City Soundtrack Swap Vocalists For Upcoming 7″ Split


Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Wonder Years frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell to sing on a Motion City Soundtrack song? How about Motion City Soundtrack vocalist Justin Pierre on a Wonder Years track? 

Well, thanks to a just announced seven-inch split with the two beloved bands, fans will get to experience that firsthand.

While in the studio working hard on their new records No Closer To Heaven and Panic Stations, the Wonder Years and Motion City Soundtrack traded instrumental versions of “A Song For Pasty Cline” and “It’s A Pleasure To Meet You” and gave the frontmen the challenge of coming up new lyrics and melodies.   

Without hearing the original vocals and only having the title to go off of, the two (sort of) new songs were created.

To receive an early shot at purchasing this limited split, be sure to pick up a VIP ticket package to the bands’ upcoming co-headlining tour here. If you’re instead feeling risky and would like to wait, general on-sales will go live Monday, October 12.