The Wait Is Over, Here’s Your First Full Look At Envy On The Coast’s First New Record In Seven Years


After waiting months to get our first dose of new Envy On The Coast tunes, the day has finally come! The reincarnated duo of Brian Byrne and Ryan Hunter are streaming their brand new six-track EP Ritual in full one day before the record is officially released.

“This EP is a bit of a time capsule that we decided to offer as a first impression for this iteration of our band,” says Byrne and Hunter in a statement. “These songs represent a time of turmoil and uncertainty in our musical and personal lives that took place seven years ago. With Ritual, we challenged ourselves to make rock music that felt authentic to who we are in 2017, while still maintaining the core of what these songs meant to us when they were conceived.”

To check out hopefully the first of more to come from the New York outfit, be sure to look below. Afterwards, album pre-orders are still available and can be found here.  

[via Billboard]