The Noise’s SXSW Rundown: Eight Must See Bands In Austin


Look, we’re gonna make this easy for you. With South By Southwest usually a complete cluster cuss of rowdy spring breakers, young up-and-coming bands as well as thousands of us “regular” folk in attendance trying not to break down from complete dehydration and insomnia, we’re gonna lay out a simple plan of action any newbie can handle. 

Below, you’ll find a three-day foolproof schedule of hot new acts we think everybody and their mothers need to make time to check out. So, if you follow our guidelines correctly, you may just make it out of Austin, TX alive with quite possibly some of the best stories to tell. Maybe…    

Wednesday, March 16th:

1) Wild Throne

Weren’t able to grab tickets in time to see At the Drive-In on their upcoming reunion run? That’s okay, kick off your SXSW by making a trip over to 6th & Red River Wednesday night and catch Wild Throne as they rip the faces off unsuspecting concertgoers with their high-energy, Mars Volta-esque sound. 

2) Ho99o9 

Now, this one should be a no-brainer. Once you’re done rearranging your mental state from Wild Throne’s impressive set, be sure to stick around the Des Moines Embassy tent and watch New Jersey transplants Ho99o9 as they most likely demolish anything and everything around them. We promise you, you’ve probably never seen anything like them before.

Thursday, March 17th:

3) Citizen

Going into your St. Patrick’s day at South By, don’t be that dude who plans the day around green beers and Irish themed parties. Instead, let us recommend the Brooklyn Vegan showcase with none other than mid-western grunge revivalists Citizen. Playing tracks off their latest album Everybody Is Going to Heaven, you’ll no doubt feel energized and ready for whatever weird shit Austin has in store for you later in the day.       

4) Purple

After you inevitably decide to go against our “no green beer” rule and are looking to fully embrace your food coloring-enhanced buzz, we suggest letting loose and catching one of the three sets Austin’s own Purple will be playing on Thursday. Combining a mixture of punk, funk and soul, Purple will no doubt leave a lasting impression throughout the rest of your week.     

Friday, March 18th:

5) Waterparks

After navigating your way through Thursday and hopefully finding a decent amount of rest (two to three hours of sleep should suffice), it’s time to kick off the day with – sorry, shameless plug – The Noise’s pop-punk palooza at the aforementioned Des Moines Embassy. Featuring numerous must see acts, one on the bill generating a ton of buzz is the Maddon Brothers’ latest signing Waterparks. Promising numerous upbeat electronic-infused tracks, the Houston natives should be absolute party guaranteed. 

6) Milk Teeth

Right after Waterparks, be sure to keep that tooshie planted as the next band up is the young UK-based outfit Milk Teeth. Playing their first few US shows since signing to Hopeless Records, Milk Teeth’s Veruca Salt-like sound will help you feel both nostalgic and ready to rock.        

7) Knuckle Puck 

Continuing to progress through the pop-punk showcase, and after watching impressive bands like Forever Came Calling, Like Pacific and Speak Low If You Speak Love, you’ll now be met with the ultimate punch to the feels from Illinois natives Knuckle Puck. With almost a year since releasing their debut full-length Copacetic, the KP crew will be in full force playing some of the most sincere and heartfelt pop-punk you’ve ever heard.      

8) Aminals

Wrapping up your Friday in the biggest way possible, it’s time to head over to the Dirty Dog to see party thrash outfit Aminals. Providing riffs and breakdowns galore, the no-fucks-given act will most likely get your blood moving in more ways than one. 

Bonus) Some bands named Blink-182, NOFX, Coheed And Cambria and Deftones

If you have the mindset of trying to see some of bigger names this year at SXSW, then we certainly recommend the four bands above. But be warned: lines, lists and badges WILL be waiting to interfere with your good time, so be prepared. RSVP early and never be afraid to sneak around back for another entrance inside.