The Noise Presents: The Decibel Magazine Tour with Kreator


Can we all agree 2016 was a pretty rough year? We mean yeah, we were able to participate in a ton of sweet tours like Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom and a whole bunch more. But outside of that, we think it’s safe to say this past year was one we’d like to forget. 

Nonetheless, regardless of what went down this year, the purpose of this post isn’t to reflect on the past. Instead, we’re here to look forward to a super bitchin’ 2017 thanks in part to our friends over at Decibel Magazine.

Kicking off March 17th, we are beyond excited to announce we’ll be going out on the annual Decibel Magazine tour with beloved thrash metal outfit Kreator, Noise Tour alumni Obituary, the one-man metal machine Midnight and Dark Descent signees Horrendous.     

Tickets for the 24-date tour will go on sale to the public this Friday and can be found here. To check out tour dates and locations – as well as Kreator’s dark new video for “Gods of Violence” – be sure to look below.