The Distillers Might Be Getting Back Together And We’re Currently Freaking Out

Okay, so there’s a slight chance we might be jumping the gun here but if you’re a firm believer that teaser videos mean a band is active again, well, then that must mean THE DISTILLERS ARE BACK TOGETHER!

Yes, that’s right! The L.A. punk rock act fronted by Brody Dalle has stirred up some excitement lately after sharing a new teaser video (see above) on Instagram, Dalle’s Facebook page, and their newly created Twitter account.

While yes, this could very well be a teaser to a new solo album from Dalle who released Diploid Love back in 2014, it doesn’t hurt to dream big. We mean c’mon, the world hasn’t been treated to new music from The Distillers since 2003′s Coral Fang – which, according to our basic math skills, is just the right amount of years to do a 15-year anniversary tour.       

Fingers crossed!