The Contortionist Announce New Album ‘Clairvoyant,’ Share Soothing New Single “Reimagined”


Just in case you need some fantastic news and a soothing new track to get you through your harrowing Monday afternoon, progressive hard rock outfit The Contortionist have just announced their new album Clairvoyant.

Set to hit stores August 15th via eOne Music, Clairvoyant, according to vocalist Michael Lessard, will be a much more sincere release as the band has been able to truly hone in on their craft.       

“I think the major difference [between Clairvoyant and 2014′s Language] is our honesty with each other,” says Lessard. “It can be a positive or a negative, depending on how we express ourselves, but it seems to have led us to an album that best represents us as a whole. We’ve all been able to build off each other as songwriters, too, which has been priceless." 

Lessard continued to add, "Collectively, we’re feeling proud, apprehensive, but ultimately excited to finally have this record speak for us as a meticulously sculpted voyage into our musical psyche." 

In addition to new album announcement, the seasoned sextet has also shared their powerful Thrice-like single “Reimagined.” 

”[’Reimagined’] shows the darker, but more focused side of the album,” notes Lessard. “We made a point to try not to ramble on with some parts as much as we would have in the past, so I feel this song is a good representation of that effort.“ 

“On album and stage,” he continues, “between the art’s presentation, zealous and even forceful sonic immersion, and interpretable lyrical and visual metaphor, we are attempting to bring the listener deeper into the world and musical language of The Contortionist. ‘Reimagined’ struck everyone simply as the most truthful and sincere place to start in this new universe.”

To get your ears all over “Reimagined” for the first of probably 28 times today, be sure to look below. Afterwards, be sure not only pre-order Clairvoyant but also grab tickets to see The Contortionist out on tour with Between The Buried And Me, Polyphia and Toothgrinder here.    

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