The Chariot Returns… Kinda

It’s been a little over one year since the hardcore Douglasville outfit, The Chariot, decided to disband. After releasing their 5th full-length One Wing and wrapping up their summer on the Van’s Warped Tour, The Chariot decided to call it quits in 2013. Since their farewell tour last year, the band members have gone on to pursue other things. Most notably, vocalist Josh Scogin now fronts the grungy hardcore duo ’68 and former guitarist Stephen “Stevis” Harrison has been seen online interviewing unsuspecting event-goers and also dancing his ass off.

While ’68’s music and Stevis’ dancing is all well and good, nothing will ever replace the chaotic gathering that was a Chariot show. Attempting to fill the void, YouTuber and filmmaker Imagerystorm will be releasing a documentary on The Chariot’s last few shows, which is set to release November, 23 of this year.

To see the rousing trailer for the documentary, you can head to Imagerystorm’s YouTube page or check it out above.