The Bronx Debut Sega-Inspired Video For “Side Effects”

Gearing up for their two upcoming weekends at Coachella (and all their surrounding shows in-between), hardcore rockers The Bronx have just debuted a wild new music video for their track “Side Effects.”

“The idea is loosely based on an old video game called Night Trap where aliens invade a sexy slumber party and you have this cool, room-to-room, live-action scenario in which you try to save the day,” says frontman Matt Caughthran. “The song is about dealing with the side effects of life as a musician/artist; all the things you never saw coming.”

“After finishing a recent UK tour,” Caughthran continued, “we flew into Philly to rehearse and shoot the video in two days, and the excitement and inspiration, mixed with delirium and exhaustion, only seemed to add to the authenticity of the song’s lyrical content. This video is truly a labor of love, just like music/art/life should be.”

To check out the incredible new video and all the zaniness that it holds, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see The Bronx out on tour here