The Almost Return With First New Music In Over Six Years, Announce New Album ‘Fear Caller’

Welp, it looks like everyone’s year just got considerably better as for the first time since 2013 there is going to be a brand new album from The Almost.

Due out October 18th (yes, as in less than a month from now), the multi-talented Aaron Gillespie will be releasing his first non-Underoath or solo album since Fear Inside Our Bones.

Along with the exciting album news, Gillespie has also shared a brand new Almost track titled “Chokehold.” Discussing the somber new song, the honest and open musician said, “It’s a story of my childhood that really comes apart in the bridge discussing my father. The song essentially explains how I got to be the way I am. I need the chokehold to succeed. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

As for The Almost’s new album which Gillespie wrote out in the iconic Joshua Tree National Park, the singer/guitarist/drummer commented, "I have a romantic affinity for the desert. There are so many untold stories and hidden truths. The beginning of our thoughts and existence as a people happened out there. For me, it was a cathartic experience. It’s something I’ve never done. I needed to get out there with the ghosts and see what would happen.“

As for the lyrics behind Fear Caller, Gillespie admits, "It’s where I am as a person. I’m continually striving to be more honest in terms of my feelings, my music and how I deal with things. I’m talking about each subject as a vignette. The stories are individual experiences. It’s truly the most honest I’ve ever been in songs.”

For your first look at new music from The Almost in over six years, be sure to check out the eerie video for “Chokehold” directed by Emo Nite’s Morgan Freed below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Fear Caller here.

01) “Chokehold”
02) “I Want It Real”
03) “Tame A Lion”
04) “Over And Underneath”
05) “Life”
06) “Fire”
07) “I Think I Am”
08) “Ain’t No King”
09) “In God’s Country”
10) “I Won’t Miss”
11) “Fear Caller”
12) “Why Do You Bother Me”